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Tim Hughes

CEO and co-Founder at DLA Ignite


Tim Hughes is universally recognised as the world leading pioneer and innovator of Social Selling.  He is currently ranked Number 1 by Onalytica as the most influential social selling person in the world. In 2021, Linkedin said he was one of the top 8 sales experts globally to follow and Brand 24 announced recently he was the 16th most influential person in marketing globally, based on measured social media influence.

He is also Co-Founder and CEO of DLA Ignite and co-author of the bestselling books “Social Selling - Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers - 2nd edition” and “Smarketing - How To Achieve Competitive Advantage through blended Sales and Marketing”.  He has recently launched a second edition of “social selling - techniques to influence buyers and change makers” which has been fully updated.  All three books published by Kogan Page.

Twitter: Tube: Facebook: @timothy_hughes Tik Tok

Tim Hughes

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