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Jill Waite

Chief People Officer at Portillo’s


Jill Waite is Chief People Officer at Portillo's Hot Dogs, a restaurant chain with more than 80 locations, headquartered in Oak Brook, IL. Prior to joining Portillo's in 2019, she held several Human Resources and Operations roles in the retail, grocery and fitness industries with companies such as Sephora and 24-Hour Fitness.

Jill was hired to reinvigorate the Portillo's culture by reclaiming the hearts and minds of our then-6,000 Team Members. She is also responsible for building the talent pipeline to support the company's growth, retaining Team Members who are passionate about creating lifelong memories for our guests, and developing world-class learning and development programs.

She has a Bachelor's degree in Management from University of Florida. Go Gators! Jill lives in Chicagoland with her husband of nearly 20 years, and is a mom to two boys who have a passion for playing soccer competitively.

Favorite Portillo's Menu Items: Italian beef sandwich, cheese fries, and chocolate cake.

Jill Waite

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