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Naveen Kumar

Chairman - Founder & CEO


Naveen Kumar has turned his passion for building large technology businesses into a massive portfolio which is now spread across 40 countries, 30,000+ workforce in 33 companies. He is well-known in the technology industry and is rapidly expanding his presence in the world of venture capital. Renowned for his investments in technology companies and multiple startups, Naveen has established a strong track record with the support of Karma Free Capital Ventures.

Due to the group's substantial growth, global presence, and success, it has become a highly sought-after platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, and aspiring tech visionaries. The group's backing not only provides startups with a crucial growth engine but also serves as a seal of approval, attracting attention from other investors and industry leaders.

Naveen's interests extend to diversified industries, as he believes in cultivating the complete ecosystem for any business he engages with. His business interests have expanded beyond technology into wholesale trade, real estate, and more. Alongside these ventures, Naveen's portfolio continues to grow in areas such as artificial intelligence, FinTech, EdTech, TravelTech, HR-Tech, clean energy, e-commerce, professional services, and more.

Naveen Kumar

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