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Colleen McCreary

Senior Leader at Ribbit Capital and former Chief People, Places, and Publicity Officer at Credit Karma


A multidecade career in the technology industry including 15 + years as a Senior Executive CHRO/CPO through two IPOs & two acquisitions at both private & public companies, as well as joint venture & extensive M&A experience. Experienced with international hypergrowth primarily focused on consumer technology companies in addition to managing through downturns.

Additional experience leading communications (internal/external), PR, social media, biz ops, real estate & security.Operationally, I’m known as a very direct, transparent leader who uses clarity & context to drive business results. Using the company goals & values, my role is to be the company-wide Product Manager building tools & processes to lead through all opportunities to create value. Industry wide thought leader on the employee experience and communications.

Extensive work expanding and growing international locations across various countries in Europe, as well as large offices in India and China, including ex-pat assignment in Hyderabad. Champion of remote work experience for over 20+ years.

Colleen McCreary

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