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Laurie Ruettimann

Founder at Punk Rock HR and LinkedIn Instructor


Laurie began her career in 1995 as an HR assistant at Leaf Candy Company, navigating challenges in a unionized manufacturing environment with Bosnian immigrant workers. She later worked at Monsanto, Alberto-Culver, Kemper Insurance, and Pfizer. Frustrated with outdated workplace practices, Laurie transitioned from corporate roles to focus on advocating for change through writing, speaking, and advising.

CNN recognized Laurie as one of the top five career advisors in the US. Her work has been featured in NPR, The New Yorker, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Vox. Laurie is also the author of "Betting On You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career," published by Henry Holt & Company in January 2021.

Laurie Ruettimann

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