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Cultural Insights in International Restructuring: An Insights from Liu Liu's Perspective

Liu Liu

Liu Liu

26 minutes

Jul 14, 2024

Cultural Insights in International Restructuring: An Insights from Liu Liu's Perspective
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Tech layoffs have been on the rise, with over 22 thousand employees laid off this year compared to 16 thousand in 2022, as reported by Layoffs.FYI.

Restructuring isn't just about changing things around; it's like putting on a complex dance performance. You have to coordinate everything just right. One big challenge is dealing with different cultures and how they work. People have different ideas about how things should be done and how they feel about losing their jobs.

Amidst this backdrop, we welcome Liu Liu, a Strategic Leader for Environmental & Economic Sustainability for Tearfund, whose expertise spans across 50 countries. Liu Liu sheds light on the unique challenges of restructuring teams across diverse cultural backgrounds.


Cultural Nuances in Restructuring

Liu Liu emphasizes the significance of cultural differences in international restructuring. From his experience, he shares how responses from employees vary based on cultural backgrounds. For instance, while UK employees offer extensive feedback, counterparts in other regions may provide minimal input due to differing cultural norms.


Effective Strategies for Cohesion

Aligning disparate strategies within an international workforce requires tailored approaches. Liu Liu stresses the importance of communication tailored to the needs of diverse cultural groups. For instance, task-oriented cultures may seek logical explanations, while relationship-based cultures value personal connections and belonging.


Adapting to Emerging Trends

As the global landscape evolves, remote work and AI technologies reshape the dynamics of international restructuring. Liu Liu highlights the challenges of coordinating teams from diverse cultural backgrounds in a remote setting and emphasizes the cultural biases inherent in AI technologies.


Maintaining Morale and Stability

During the restructuring, maintaining employee morale is crucial. Liu Liu advocates for clear communication, empathy, and recognition of employees' contributions. Leaders must show genuine concern and involve local leaders to navigate cultural nuances effectively.


Cross-Cultural Communication

Understanding cultural differences is essential for effective communication across borders. Liu Liu advises leaders to acknowledge employees' national identities and cultural backgrounds, avoiding the trap of overlooking cultural nuances in the pursuit of organizational goals.



Navigating international restructuring is akin to performing a delicate ballet, requiring synchronization and harmony across diverse cultural landscapes. By embracing cultural diversity, fostering clear communication, and showing genuine empathy, organizations can navigate restructuring endeavors with greater success and cohesion.

As organizations navigate these complexities, they must approach restructuring with sensitivity, empathy, and a deep understanding of the cultural nuances at play.

Official Transcript

Organizations frequently find themselves compelled to undertake restructuring endeavors in pursuit of heightened efficiencies and cost mitigation. In tech alone this year, there have been over 22 thousand employees laid off compared to the 16 thousand in 2022, and the year isn’t over yet according to Layoffs.FYI.

Effectively orchestrating a successful restructuring across borders demands a harmonization akin to a ballet performance. This endeavor is intricate, as it navigates the intricate interplay of diverse cultural dynamics. The challenge stems from the multiplicity of approaches, varying engagement depths, and the cacophony of perspectives surrounding redundancy and workforce departures.

With us today from London is Liu Liu, a Strategic Leader for Environmental & Economic Sustainability for Tearfund. His cross-cultural expertise spans across 50 countries including Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and more.

Liu Liu, I am thrilled to have you on the show today. Welcome. 

Liu Liu : Thank you very much Felicia, for having me on the show, I'm equally excited.

In the realm of international restructuring, how would you define the core factors that differentiate it from domestic restructuring efforts? 

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