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Innovating HR with AI: Highlights from the HR Technology Conference (Part 1)

HR Technology Conference

HR Technology Conference

38 minutes

Jul 14, 2024

Innovating HR with AI: Highlights from the HR Technology Conference (Part 1)
Interview Highlights

Welcome to the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, where innovation in HR technology takes center stage!

This conference promises to showcase cutting-edge solutions powered by AI, revolutionizing various aspects of HR, including candidate experience, learning and development, performance management, and compensation.

Throughout this episode, we'll explore the diverse range of HR tech vendors, each offering unique solutions to critical industry challenges.

From HRIS to talent acquisition platforms, these vendors are paving the way for a future where human resources and technology seamlessly coexist.

Join us as we dive into the exciting world of HR innovation and discover how AI is transforming the way we find, develop, and retain talent.

This is the HR Tech Conference Episode, Part One—let the journey begin!


Agentnoon: Revolutionizing Decision-Making

Our journey begins with Ali Nawab, the CEO and co-founder of Agentnoon, a company backed by Y Combinator. Agentnoon unveils a command center designed specifically for the C-suite, seamlessly connecting financial data with human resources and translating HR insights into financial strategies.

Ali highlights the omnipresence of AI in today's companies and the trend towards all-in-one HR solutions. However, he emphasizes the importance of focused solutions tailored for the leadership suite. Agentnoon, with its focus on fast decision-making and ease of use, aims to bridge the gap between HR and finance, aligning organizational goals with actionable insights.


Beamible: Redefining Work Design

Next up, we discover Beamible, a work design platform founded by Victoria Stuart and Stephanie Reuss. Beamible addresses the challenges of organizational work design, providing insights into current work structures, identifying gaps, and optimizing workflows. Through AI-driven activity analysis and employee feedback, Beamible offers a holistic view of work patterns, empowering organizations to enhance productivity and employee well-being.


Greenhouse: Transforming Hiring Practices

Our journey continues with Jon Stross, the visionary founder of Drawing from his experience in digital advertising, Jon shares the genesis of Greenhouse and its mission to help companies become great at hiring.

Greenhouse leverages AI and machine learning to streamline the hiring process, from sourcing candidates to measuring the quality of hire. With a focus on geographic expansion and addressing diverse hiring needs, Greenhouse aims to redefine talent acquisition for companies worldwide.


Veritone: From Ad Tech to HR Innovation

We explore Veritone, led by CEO Ryan Steelberg, a pioneer in ad tech. Leveraging AI technology originally developed for advertising, Veritone expands its footprint into the HR tech arena. Through acquisitions like PandoLogic and Broadbean, Veritone aims to automate and optimize talent acquisition processes, revolutionizing the recruitment landscape with AI-driven insights and efficiency.


Fountain: Simplifying High-Volume Hiring

Through automation and AI, Fountain empowers businesses to slash their time-to-hire from months to mere days, or even hours. By catering to frontline workers across various industries like retail, food service, hospitality, and manufacturing,

Fountain ensures a seamless recruitment experience, eliminating the need for extensive resumes and simplifying the application process.

With renowned clients like Sweet Green and Bojangles, Fountain continues to revolutionize high-volume hiring, offering a solution that prioritizes speed, efficiency, and candidate experience.


Skillable: Mastering Hard Skills with Hands-On Learning

Skillable emerges as a game-changer in the realm of skill development, particularly for honing hard skills like coding and software usage. Through its hands-on learning platform, Skillable provides a virtual environment where individuals can apply and validate their skills through real-life scenarios.

By offering instant feedback and personalized learning experiences, Skillable ensures individuals can upskill and reskill with ease, without disrupting their workflow.

With a focus on performance validation rather than traditional assessments, Skillable equips learners with the proficiency needed to excel in their roles and advance their careers.


Degreed: Navigating the Skills-First Learning Landscape

By curating a vast array of content and providing a layer of curation by subject matter experts, Degreed enables learners to tailor their learning experience to their career aspirations and organizational goals.

Through its unique concept of "skill signals," Degreed offers a nuanced approach to skill validation, leveraging ratings, experiences, achievements, and learnings to gauge proficiency levels accurately. Additionally, Degreed's manager dashboard facilitates effective skill management and support, allowing managers to guide their team's growth and development effectively.



As the HR technology landscape continues to evolve, the platforms listed here are at the forefront of driving innovation and transformation.

By addressing the unique challenges of high-volume hiring, skill validation, and continuous learning, these platforms are reshaping the future of work, and empowering organizations and individuals alike to thrive in an ever-changing world. This way, these solutions pave the way for a brighter, more agile workforce ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more insights and discoveries in Part Two of our HR Tech Conference journey!

Official Transcript

Welcome to a thought provoking journey into the heart of HR innovation at the HR tech conference in Las Vegas, exploring an array of cutting edge solutions with AI as a significant cornerstone.

Today, we have the privilege of engaging with a diverse range of HR tech vendors, specializing in HR Information Systems (HRIS), candidate experience learning and development platforms, performance management, compensation, and so much more.

Our discussions will unveil the innovative solutions that these vendors provide shedding light on the critical problems they're solving and provide a tantalizing glimpse into the boundless possibilities they see for the future. But that's not all. This episode is poised to illuminate the real-world applications of AI showcasing how it's revolutionizing the way we find develop and retain talent.

So buckle up as we venture into a realm where human resources and technology coalesce. This is the HR Tech Conference episode, Part One, and it starts now. 

Felicia Shakiba: I have the privilege of conducting a second interview with Ali Nawab, who serves as the CEO and co founder of Agentnoon, a company with the backing of Y Combinator. While the full story of Agentnoon is covered in episode nine, at the conference, Ali introduces the platform to an extensive in person audience.

With Agentnoon, he unveils a command center specifically designed for the C suite, seamlessly connecting financial data with human resources and translating HR insights and organizational design into financial strategies. Ali, what do you see happening at HR Tech?

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