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June 14, 2023

Experience the dynamic insights of Felicia Shakiba, a distinguished figure who held the prestigious position of Head of Performance Management at WPP, a colossal advertising and PR technology conglomerate valued at $12 billion. Join Felicia as she orchestrates an extraordinary gathering of executives hailing from renowned organizations such as Disney and Credit Karma, alongside a remarkable assemblage of international entrepreneurs and experts in behavioral psychology.

Ann le Cam

Felicia Shakiba

Founder, Podcast Host, and Leadership and HR Consultant of CPO PLAYBOOK Consultancy

Felicia Shakiba  00:01

This is CPO PLAYBOOK, the only podcast that offers an inside look at solving organizational challenges from the Chief People Officers perspective. 

Colleen McCreary  00:11

The best people leaders are the ones who are able to take everything that the business is trying to move forward and really tie in their people programs to make sure that those things really are working together, and that people buy it. 

Felicia Shakiba  00:24

Join me, Felicia Shakiba, and my incredible lineup of guests as we dive into innovative HR strategies, talent management, and the ever evolving world of organizational culture.

Shelly Carlin  00:37

There are a lot of important stakeholders in the world of executive comp. But the CHRO is really at the center of all that. 

Todd Kashdan  00:43

We are pretty bad, generally, at recruiting diverse people. But we are horrendous when it comes to extracting the unique perspectives and ideas of diverse people. 

Felicia Shakiba  00:55

Discover how savvy leadership skills help navigate the complex landscapes of corporate politics and beyond.

Stephan LeCam  01:03

This is how it all started. I am an investment banker, I'm traveling Africa. And then I realized on the ground that I could do something as an entrepreneur. 

Felicia Shakiba  01:12

At CPO PLAYBOOK, we believe that your employees are the most valuable resource, it's time to invest in them. 

Colleen McCreary  01:20

I think if you're a company that has said employees are our most valuable resource or the employees are the most important thing - if you don't have somebody who is thinking about your employees all of the time reporting into your CEO, I don't think any of those statements can really be true. 

Ann Le Cam  01:35

Through my work with Harvard and in the last couple of years, we've done surveys with executives around the world answered by more than 4,000 executives. The ones that focused on cultural transformation and the employee experience were more successful than the ones that didn't. 

Felicia Shakiba  01:51

How can an organization's leadership team reap the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion? 

Todd Kashdan  01:57

I mean, Felicia, you just asked the question that every single organization is asking themselves.

Stephan LeCam  02:03

It's a good question. 

Felicia Shakiba  02:04

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