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Leadership Skills in the African Renewable Energy Industry

Stephan Le Cam

Stephan Le Cam

24 minutes

May 26, 2024

Leadership Skills in the African Renewable Energy Industry
Interview Highlights

Africa, often known for its vast landscapes, rich cultures, and diverse wildlife, is also home to over half a billion people who lack access to electricity. This startling fact, as highlighted by Saiffaddin Galal, a research expert for Statista, shows a critical challenge facing the continent today.

However, amidst this challenge lies an opportunity for change – the emergence of entrepreneurship in Africa's renewable energy industry. One example that shines in this context is Stephan LeCam.

After two decades in investment banking, Stephan founded Logoden International Advising to offer strategic solutions for infrastructure and mining projects while catering to governments, agencies, and financial institutions worldwide. Stéphan holds degrees from ISG Business School in France and completed the Management Development Program at Harvard University.

In a recent discussion with expert Stephan LeCam, we uncovered the essential skills driving success in the renewable sector of Africa.

The Journey Begins

Stephan LeCam, an investment banker by training, embarked on his journey into the renewable energy industry during the late 90s. His initial forays into Africa revealed a continent hungry for infrastructure development, particularly in the energy sector. Despite possessing natural resources like oil and gas, many African nations struggled to meet their energy demands.

LeCam's journey didn't start with renewable energy but gradually transitioned towards it as he, like many African leaders, recognized the imperative for sustainable energy solutions. Over the past two decades, advancements in technology have made renewable energy more economically viable, paving the way for entrepreneurs like LeCam to make a meaningful impact.

Navigating the Political Landscape:

In Africa, success in the renewable energy sector hinges not only on financial acumen but also on political savvy. LeCam emphasizes the importance of establishing strong relationships with local partners and government officials. In many cases, infrastructure projects become essential showcases for political leaders, particularly in the lead-up to elections.

However, navigating these waters requires finesse. LeCam discusses the delicate balance of engaging with local politicians without succumbing to corruption. He shares examples of how strategic collaborations, such as developing community schools alongside solar projects, can foster goodwill and garner support.

The Power of Data and Engagement:

LeCam underscores the significance of local knowledge and data in project development. Understanding political dynamics and anticipating shifts, such as changes in government, can significantly impact project timelines. Moreover, engaging with opposition groups or local communities opposed to projects is crucial for building consensus and mitigating resistance.

Cultural Sensitivity and Humility:

Perhaps the most profound lesson from LeCam's insights is the importance of cultural sensitivity and humility. He emphasizes the need to listen, respect, and understand local cultures and histories. LeCam advises against adopting a patronizing attitude, recognizing Africa's deep-rooted heritage and the competency of its younger generations.


LeCam reflects on the evolving landscape of Africa and the exciting prospects it holds. He emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to understand and respect their environments. It shows that success in Africa, as in any place, requires a nuanced approach.

Stephan LeCam's journey exemplifies the transformative potential of entrepreneurship in Africa's renewable energy sector. With the right blend of skills, humility, and cultural understanding, entrepreneurs can drive forward the renewable energy revolution, bringing light and hope to millions across the continent.

Official Transcript

According to Saiffaddin Galal, a research expert for Statista, Africa "stands as one of the least electrified regions globally, with over half a billion people lacking access to electrical energy connections."

In response to this challenge, entrepreneurship in Africa's renewable energy industry has emerged as a vital catalyst for change. In a captivating discussion with expert, Stephan LeCam, we unveil the three essential skills for success in this sector. These skills include an entrepreneurial mindset, political astuteness, and humility.

Entrepreneurs must seize the opportunity, navigate the intricate political landscape, and maintain a sense of perspective and understanding of a foreign country. Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore how these skills drive the renewable energy revolution in Africa, fostering hope for a sustainable future across the continent. 

Stephan, thank you so much for being here. Welcome.

Stephan LeCam: Thank you very much, Felicia, I appreciate your interest in me.

Felicia Shakiba: It's very exciting to chat with you today.

The first question I have for you is could you share with us the story of how you embarked on your journey in the renewable energy industry in Africa, and what motivated you to pursue this path?

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