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ChatGPT and the Chief AI Officer: Matt Lewis on Navigating AI in Business

Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis

25 minutes

Jul 14, 2024

ChatGPT and the Chief AI Officer: Matt Lewis on Navigating AI in Business
Interview Highlights

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly integrated into various sectors, organizations are confronted with the challenge of effectively leveraging this technology. Despite the hype surrounding AI, only a small fraction of firms have adopted core practices that truly support its widespread implementation, as highlighted in Harvard Business Review's "Building an AI-Powered Organization."

At the heart of this challenge lies organizational culture, which plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and pace of progress. One emerging leadership role tasked with navigating this landscape is the Chief AI Officer.

In this episode, we delve into the responsibilities and hurdles faced by Chief AI Officers with our guest, Matt Lewis, who serves as the Chief AI Officer at Inizio Medical, a leading organization in the Life Sciences sector.


Understanding the Role of Chief AI Officer:

Inizio Medical is dedicated to helping Life Sciences organizations commercialize novel scientific discoveries. Matt explains that his role as Chief AI Officer involves harnessing AI to assist decision-makers in interpreting scientific evidence effectively. By leveraging machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP), AI helps sift through vast amounts of data, enabling faster decision-making and enhancing overall efficiency.


Evolving Responsibilities

Matt's role has evolved significantly since its inception, reflecting the dynamic nature of the AI landscape. Initially focused on education, experimentation, and model deployment, the role has expanded to encompass strategic initiatives aimed at driving organizational transformation. As AI technologies advance and regulatory frameworks emerge, Chief AI Officers are expected to serve as catalysts for change, initiating crucial conversations and aligning AI strategies with business objectives.


Driving Successful Projects

A key aspect of Matt's role is piloting AI projects within the organization. He emphasizes the importance of aligning AI initiatives with strategic objectives and setting realistic expectations regarding outcomes. Projects are carefully evaluated against baseline metrics to determine their impact, with a focus on scalability and continuous improvement. Matt highlights the need for discipline and pragmatism in project execution, ensuring that AI technologies deliver tangible value to the organization.


Developing Competencies

As organizations embrace AI, there is a growing need to develop competencies beyond technical skills. Matt emphasizes the importance of fostering lateral thinking and emotional intelligence among employees working with AI technologies. Through targeted training and development initiatives, Chief AI Officers can empower teams to adapt to evolving roles and effectively collaborate with AI systems.


Looking Ahead:

The role of Chief AI Officer is poised to evolve further as AI technologies continue to advance. Matt envisions Chief AI Officers serving as strategic leaders, guiding organizations through the complex landscape of AI adoption and transformation. By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, Chief AI Officers can drive sustainable growth and unlock the full potential of AI across various sectors.



Chief AI Officers play a crucial role in shaping the future of organizations in the AI era. Through strategic leadership, effective project management, and competency development, they pave the way for successful AI integration and drive organizational excellence in the digital age.

Official Transcript

With AI’s swift moving integration, organizations are grappling with the reality that many are falling short. According to Harvard Business Review's "Building an AI-Powered Organization," a mere 8% of firms engage in core practices that truly support widespread.

The root cause of this challenge lies in organizational culture which determines the speed and direction of progress, and the critical factor in shaping this culture begins at the very top, with the emerging leadership role – the Chief AI Officer.

This position is still in the process of definition and evolution. In this episode, we unravel the Chief AI Officer's responsibilities and gain insights into the hurdles this position faces.

Our guest today is Matt Lewis, Chief AI Officer at Inizio Medical, a pioneering organization in the realm of Life Sciences. 

Matt, it's a pleasure to have you here today.

Matt Lewis : So happy to be here. Thanks so much for having me. 

Matt, can you provide some context about Inizio Medical, and a clear definition of your role as a Chief AI Officer, and the team or teams that reported to you?

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