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HR Technology Conference on AI and More (Part 2)

HR Technology Conference

HR Technology Conference

32 minutes

Mar 31, 2024

HR Technology Conference on AI and More (Part 2)
Interview Highlights

Welcome back to our journey through the vibrant world of HR technology!

In the bustling arena of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, the HR Tech Conference continued to unveil groundbreaking innovations aimed at revolutionizing how businesses manage their human resources.

In this second installment of our coverage, we will delve deeper into compliance management, explore the ambitious endeavors of human capital and HR Information Systems (HRIS), and encounter some remarkable solutions presented by industry leaders.


Toby Kennedy on Bene App's Auditing Software

During our stroll through the showcase floor, we caught up with Toby Kennedy, President of Montage Insurance Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer of Bene App.

Toby shared insights into their auditing software, designed to tackle discrepancies in HR data that often lead to financial leakage for businesses.

Bene App's solution extracts information from various HR systems, audits them against one another, and generates detailed reports, ensuring precise coverage and payroll deductions.


Robert Sheen on Trusaic's Equal Pay Solutions

We also had the pleasure of speaking with Robert Sheen, CEO of Trusaic, a company dedicated to promoting pay equality through innovative technology solutions.

With recent legislation mandating pay transparency, Trusaic's platform empowers companies to ensure fair compensation practices and comply with regulatory requirements.

By integrating with HR systems, Trusaic provides real-time insights into pay equity, helping businesses foster diverse and equitable workplaces.


Nathan Christensen on Mineral's Compliance Management Platform

Nathan Christensen, CEO of Mineral, highlighted the complexity of HR and compliance for small and midsize businesses.

Mineral's comprehensive platform offers solutions for compliance management, policy development, employee training, and access to subject matter experts.

By leveraging automation and AI, Mineral enables businesses to navigate regulatory challenges efficiently and focus on strategic growth initiatives.


Ben Mandelstein on IBM Watsonx Orchestrate

IBM's entrance into the HR arena with Watsonx Orchestrate signifies a new era of AI-driven productivity tools. Ben Mandelstein, Worldwide Sales Leader, emphasized the platform's ability to streamline workflows and automate repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on higher-value work.

By integrating with existing systems, Watsonx Orchestrate enhances the user experience across various HR functions, from talent acquisition to performance management.


Lester Lee on Lattice's Talent Development Platform

Lattice stands out with its holistic approach to talent management, combining performance evaluation, engagement surveys, career development planning, and now, compensation management.

Lester Lee, VP of Partnerships, highlighted the platform's flexibility and emphasis on continuous feedback through features like check-ins and updates.

With the recent launch of Lattice HRIS, the company aims to provide seamless integration with core HR systems, further enhancing the employee experience.


Aashna Kircher on Workday's AI-Powered Talent Solutions

Finally, Aashna Kircher, General Manager of Talent Products at Workday, shared insights into the company's AI-driven talent solutions. From manager insights hubs to flexible team structures and intelligent job architectures, Workday continues to empower businesses with data-driven insights and actionable recommendations. With plans to integrate generative AI into various facets of the platform, Workday remains at the forefront of innovation in HR technology.


Wrapping Up:

The HR Tech Conference Part 2 showcased a diverse array of solutions aimed at addressing the evolving needs of modern businesses.

From compliance management to talent development and AI-driven productivity tools, these innovations offer exciting opportunities for organizations to optimize their HR processes and unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Stay tuned for more updates as the HR tech landscape continues to evolve!

Official Transcript

Welcome to part two of the HR Tech Conference highlights broadcast from the bustling arena of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. In our previous segment, we unveiled cutting edge technologies capable of generating substantial cost savings for companies, enhancing productivity, promoting organizational transparency, skill validation in the workplace, and expediting roll fulfillment.

In this week's edition, we thoroughly explore the world of compliance management, a task often postponed by many companies yet necessary to retain talent and well stay in business. We also explore the ambitious endeavors of human capital and HR Information Systems, also known as HRIS, as they integrate extensive functionalities into their technology solutions. These are the HR Tech Conference highlights, Part 2.

As a stroll through the showcase floor, a familiar face caught my eye, Toby Kennedy, who serves as both the President of Montage Insurance Solutions, and the Chief Strategy Officer of Bene App. Although he didn't have an exhibition booth to showcase, he does have a solution to a big benefits problem.

Toby, what are you seeing here at the show?

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