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Becoming the Boss in Business Intelligence at Valentino

Alessandro Patruno

Alessandro Patruno

28 minutes

Mar 31, 2024

Becoming the Boss in Business Intelligence at Valentino
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Entering into a managerial position is an exciting yet daunting experience. According to Forbes, 60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months.

However, with proper preparation and the right mindset, these challenges can be overcome.

Today, we delve into the journey of Alessandro Patruno, who transitioned from an individual contributor to the Head of Business Intelligence and Planning Transformation Initiatives at Valentino, a luxury fashion house.


Background on Valentino and Alessandro's Role:

Valentino is a renowned Italian luxury fashion brand with a global presence, employing over 4,000 individuals worldwide. Alessandro Patruno's role primarily involves overseeing the Business Intelligence (BI) office, providing crucial reports and analysis to top management, as well as leading planning transformation initiatives within the organization.


Challenges of Transitioning to Management:

Alessandro faced significant hurdles when transitioning from an individual contributor to a managerial role. Initially responsible only for his own tasks, he struggled with the shift in accountability to also oversee the work of his team members. Overcoming the temptation to micromanage and learning to manage individuals with diverse backgrounds were key challenges he faced.


Building Trust and Fostering Team Cohesion:

Building trust with his team was crucial for Alessandro's success. By taking the time to understand each team member's strengths and weaknesses and providing tailored support, he was able to foster a sense of appreciation and collaboration within the team. He underscores the importance of recognizing collective achievements rather than solely attributing success to individuals.

The Importance of Soft Skills:

Alessandro underscores the significance of soft skills in managerial roles, particularly in communication, teamwork, and leadership. He stresses the need for managers to create a supportive environment where team members feel valued and empowered to perform at their best.


Supporting New Managers:

As Alessandro transitioned into overseeing managers himself, he adopted a mentoring approach, providing continuous feedback and support. He highlights the importance of clear communication and actionable feedback to help new managers grow and succeed in their roles.


Key Takeaways and Advice:

Alessandro's journey offers valuable insights for individuals embarking on their managerial journey. He underscores the importance of authenticity, humility, and vulnerability in building trust and fostering a collaborative team environment.


Transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager is a significant career milestone fraught with challenges. However, as Alessandro's journey exemplifies, with the right mindset, dedication, and focus on developing soft skills, individuals can thrive in their new roles. By fostering trust, supporting team cohesion, and embracing vulnerability, new managers can lead with authenticity and make a positive impact on their teams and organizations.

Official Transcript

“60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months in their new role, according to research from CEB Global” (Forbes).

The phenomenon of high failure rates among new managers is particularly pronounced in individuals from technical backgrounds such as scientists, engineers, or business intelligence analysts, who may have less experience with soft skills. Adequate preparation for these transitions can mitigate these challenges, saving organizations time and facilitating quicker trust-building between new managers and their teams. This ultimately leads to enhanced productivity as teams sync up faster.

Our guest today will share his incredible journey from individual contributor to manager, to now the Head of Business Intelligence and Planning Transformation Initiatives at the Italian luxury fashion house Valentino, please welcome Alessandro Patruno.

Alessandro, thank you so much for being with me today.

Alessandro Patruno: Hi, Felicia, thank you so much to you. It's a really pleasure to be with you today. Let me also wish happy St. Valentine's Day to all lovers and happy birthday to my mother whose birthday is today. Buon compleanno mama!

Felicia Shakiba: And Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. And it's so nice to have you here on this special day.

And so Alessandro, my first question I'd love to ask you is if you could provide some background on the Valentino organization and your role.

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