Revamping Global On-boarding to Enhance the Employee Experience

Learning & Development, DEI & Employee Experience


The Challenge

The challenge was to improve the onboarding experience for new hires across all regions and functions of the company, as the existing process was outdated and not delivering a cohesive experience. This led to confusion among new hires, causing delays in their ability to become productive and effectively contribute to the company.


The objective was to revamp the global onboarding process to create a consistent and engaging experience that effectively integrated new hires into the company culture, mission, and values. The new process would align with the company's business goals and better support new hires in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their roles.


The mission was to create a comprehensive onboarding program that covered all key aspects of the company, including culture, history, products and services, policies and procedures, and safety. The new program aimed to streamline the onboarding process, increase new hire engagement, and facilitate a smooth transition into their new roles.

Results & Impact

The impact of revamping the global onboarding experience was significant. The new program helped new hires to become productive faster, reducing the time to proficiency and increasing overall productivity. It also improved employee retention and engagement by providing a positive onboarding experience that made new hires feel welcome and valued. Additionally, the new onboarding process helped to strengthen the company culture and values by ensuring that all new hires were introduced to them from the start.



Locations Impacted

California Mexico Texas




Learning & Development, DEI & Employee Experience




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