Transforming Organizational Culture through Performance Management

Performance Management, DEI & Employee Experience, People Analytics


The Challenge

A global ad-tech giant with 100k global employees faced challenges in aligning its performance management strategies across multiple regions, resulting in inconsistent employee sentiment and organizational outcomes.


To design a global strategy for data-driven outcomes that aligns 13 performance strategies into one philosophy, with targeted improvements in employee sentiment, nPS, and organizational objectives.


To create a high-performance culture through "continuous check-ins" and increased manager effectiveness, driving performance engagement year-round. Partner with L&D, DEI, and global stakeholders to identify emerging talent, deliver a high-potential calibration process, and design and implement continuous performance conversations within a quarterly OKR performance strategy.

To begin, we assessed, designed, iterated, and evaluated the current performance strategies of 13 subsidiaries, which were integrated into the global performance strategy. People analytics assessment included employee sentiment, nPS scores, and organizational objectives, such as the percentage of successors by gender and race, salary and bonus differences by gender in high performers, and regrettable turnover gaps by race, gender, and tenure.

Results & Impact

By implementing a global strategy, we originated the 4-pillar performance management framework: Goal Creation,Conversations, Evaluation, and Rewards; wove in diversity and inclusion training initiatives that coupled with anOKR lifecycle timeline. We designed a 3-5 year roadmap for transformation.

The organization achieved greater alignment and consistency in performance management strategies, resulting in improved employee sentiment, nPS scores, and organizational outcomes. The high-performance culture was strengthened through continuous check-ins and increased manager effectiveness, leading to higher employee engagement and improved performance year-round. The focus on performance conversations and the implementation of a quarterly OKR performance strategy allowed the organization to identify and develop emerging talent, resulting in a more robust talent pipeline for the future.


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Performance Management, DEI & Employee Experience, People Analytics


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