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The Wishlist (but you don't need to check all the boxes)
1,000+ EE headcount
Global responsibilities
Chief /Executive
Head of  i.e. Head of Tech / Product
Founder of high growth startup
Experts in industrial-organizational psychology
Venture Capital Investor
Book author
Podcast host

DEI & Employee Experience

Stories of organizations who have 90%+ ratings on Glassdoor
How my organization got on The Best Places to Work list
Strategies of managing a multigenerational workforce
How my organization maximizes DEI to be our competitive advantage
As a department head, top 3 things I've done exceptionally well to run a high performing team


As a CEO, here's what my relationship looks like with my CPO
How to create a psychologically safe environment in a culture historically riddled with fear of leadership
What AI founders need in their executive team
I have the highest performing team I've ever seen - here's how I built the team

Total Rewards & Org Design

Designing compensation for sales teams
Designing Flexible Compensation Models for Freelancers and Independent Contractors
How international parental leave compares to the U.S.
The relationship between HRBPs and the COE and how the organization is designed to support it

Performance Management

The science of giving and receiving feedback
3 major strategies for performance management in international organizations
Implementing OKRs successfully and the impact to an organization's performance

People Analytics

How do non-financial measures (i.e. employee engagement, DEI, etc) correlate with shareholder value?
Analytics that show productivity before and after AI skills implementation
Any analytics that shows surprising differences among multiple countries

Succession Planning & Talent Acquisition

CPO's perceptive on the HBO hit show, 'Succession'
Organizational impact when favoring family members for executive succession
From no TA strategy to what's now a 'well-oiled machine'
Which colleges lead to which careers? (Gen-Z)

Learning & Development (L&D)

How to integrate AI skills amongst the entire workforce. Here are the benefits.
What we can learn from early childhood education that we can implement in adult learning strategies
Creative learning formats beyond power point presentations


A CPO who successfully crossed over into a different "chief" role i.e. COO
The value of leveraging your HRBP and building that relationship
Top things you need to consider when selecting HR technology

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